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Portable Blood Pressure Monitor, Upper Arm Type, Digital Electronic Display

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor
Home portable
Large screen display
360° arm band


1. Accurate measurement results Medical clinical data from tens of thousands of hypertensive patients are collected and the software algorithm is optimized to improve measurement accuracy and accurate control of blood pressure changes.

2,High definition large screen display
The large HD screen display is clearly visible even for elderly people with poor eyesight, so you no longer have to worry about reading.

3. Group memory
Two separate sets of values are recorded so that mum and dad can use the same machine to record changes in blood pressure, a scientific record that makes it easy to compare changes in blood pressure status.

4,Wrap-around cartridge arm band
Easy to wear and adaptive, reducing inaccurate measurements caused by wearing.

Take a break for at least 15 minutes before the measurement and remain relaxed and quiet.

1. Put the left arm through the cuff with the air tube facing the inside of the palm.
2. Wear the cuff with the air tube outlet in the middle of the arm, with the edge of the cuff 1-2 cm from the elbow and the air tube positioned on the extension of the middle finger.
3. When measuring, keep your body straight and relaxed, keep quiet, keep the center of the cuff at the same height as your heart, do not move your body, do not talk and wait quietly for the measurement to finish.
Use four No. 7 batteries and install according to the direction of the battery compartment markings.

Batteries are not included in this product and must be purchased.